Ashok Gujral Explains How to Promote Your Non-Profit Organization

When it comes to the world of marketing, every team is challenged to do more with less, especially non-profit organizations. When resources are tight and teams are small, it’s even more important to generate a captivating marketing strategy. And while your organization may not operate for profit, a focused and innovative marketing strategy will help […]

Ash Gujral on San Francisco’s Diverse Cultural Highlights and Attractions

San Francisco is known as the destination for the American counterculture; it is one of the most radical and ethnically diverse cities in the United States. With the presence of Silicon Valley, the birthplace of the gay rights movement and home to many cultural districts, including Chinatown, Haight-Ashbury, The Castro District, Japantown (Nihonmach), Mission District, […]

Ash Gujral on What a COVID-19 Vaccine Will Mean to San Franciscans

In the 10 months since the global coronavirus pandemic began, the nation has struggled with increasing pressure on healthcare systems, with more than 15.6 million confirmed cases in the United States and more than 292,000 deaths. In fact, in early December, California broke three coronavirus records in one day as the crisis reached a new […]

Ash Gujral Explains How to Create a Charitable Network

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life,” Confucius once said.    Pursuing your passion can be one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world, in fact, one that doesn’t feel like a job at all. Today, many people leave the corporate world and create […]

Ash Gujral Assesses the Best Ways to Build Strategic Plans for Nonprofits

Strategic planning is a blueprint for nonprofit organizations, designed to help them identify precisely what their ambitions are and how they will eventually achieve them. Generally, the process represents an effort conducted by the entire organization or the prioritization of a major function, such as a department or division.  For the best results, staff and […]

Ashok Gujral on What Makes San Francisco a Unique Place to Call Home

San Francisco, “the City by the Bay,” is largely referenced in the same breath as the tech boom, playing host as the center of America’s technology industry since 2011, when Mayor Ed Lee implemented tax breaks to encourage the arrival of various companies.  Its residents, though, are well versed in the intriguing and historical facts […]

Community Service in San Francisco: Tips From Ash Gujral on How to Get Involved

When it comes to making a positive difference in San Francisco, it might take less effort than you think. If you direct a few hours and some energy to the right community service initiatives regularly, you can help many people in need, says Ash Gujral, who established the Gujral Community Fund to ensure safe homes […]